SL Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 1

Welcome to the first chapter of my photo book for the Home and Garden Expo 2012.This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefitting Relay For Life of Second Life. 

Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 1

Sponsored by:
Dream Seeker Estates (underwriter sponsor)

Saturday, May 19th through the 28th.


This year’s extravaganza will span 14 Second Life sims, with more than 100 exhibits, Entertainment and lots of fun activities including the RFL Breedables Fair. Hope you find something you like!

A    UrbanizeD - Sponsor
I loved the bright pinks used in this display.

B    L2 Studio
This pretty urban abode is only 350L, wonderfully designed great layout.

C    Turnips
Only had a sign and a box saying coming soon.

D    D&M Dream Furniture
Dolly's Domicile - 850L
I considered this house long and hard. I love the textures and layouts, and nearly spent the 850L for it until Serra reminded me I am more of a fairy cottage type of person and not a urban had me convinced I needed it.

The Drayton - 999L
This house would look great in a country setting.

Ayla's Tutor - 650L
Now this is my style as Serra says.. beautiful, whimsical and classic..just too small for my zoo. :(

E    Dream Seeker Estates (underwriter Sponsor)
If you are seeking a new home, it seems you can find reasonable rates at Dreamseeker estates, check their rate signs at their display.

F    Windowshopping With Neva Crystall
The Pig on the couch totally won this display, it is so damn cute. You can click the display box outside the room and get a shopping list to help you identify all the amazing items used in this display.

G   Urban ARTs

H   New Trails
If you are enjoying the natural scenery of the sim  as you wander along you have New Trails to thank for it. All the amazing lush greenery are their creations. For their display they set up this amazing waterfall pond. I love this type of layout, as those of you who have visited @MP in world can attest. Nothing beats a lovely little scenic pond setting.

I    Melino Style Moroccan & More
This little beauty of a dream oasis can be yours for 850L, tempting isn't it.

J    Designer Prims
 A Place Less Ordinary - 1,800L
This is an amazing beach house...the lap of luxury, fits a 2048 lot comes with furniture. But if that is too steep a price for you check out the next Little Beach house they have created as their RFL item.
This adorable little beach house is affordable at 899L, furnishings, color change textures and low prim count.

K   Interior Addiction
Check out this awesome house boat it is 1000L, and the interior is decorated with a ton of neat furnishings you will also have to have to complete this awesome home on the water!
I did it! I found my new home! I hope Mel likes camping! 150L! This is going to look so great next to my passel of Meeroos!

See ya on the next Sim!
~ Taliferrue
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