Tali's Photo Box Adventure

I was wandering through Kerebely Free Photo Studio again today and came across a pose box that was perfect for the grunge look I was wanting to feature on my blog today. 

It was just a box with some crates in the center with a building texture all around it. The poses in the crates made me laugh so hard I couldn't resist using it for a few images.

Even though I had a good time playing around, I just wasn't able to get the look I wanted so  I thought I would take a look at the maker of the box to see if they had any other boxes like it. I was happy to see that the crate was actually a free gift from Lemons & Cream. So I came up with an idea of making a photo box of my own.
So I hopped over and picked up the crates from Lemons & Cream along with a few other nice little pose freebies and skipped home to create my new little pose box. Of course I had to do a bit of shopping first, I needed to get textures, props and other little stuffs. After several hours I did it..had the perfect scene I wanted for my grunge look. Each of the walls are texture change and the crates and lamp have poses in them.
The items in my photo box are: WM Dumpster by Astin Miles, 0L; Busted walls by ~aili~ by Aili Panthar, 60L; Seamless Wrought Iron Fence Pattern or Window Grate with Full perm Iron Fence Texture, Gothic Fence Pattern 3414 by VonGklugelstein Alter, 10L; Terrain Textures: Concrete Vol. 1 by Rhine Cain, 35L; Estatica Hammond Brick Textures by Estatica, 99L

And finally after a night of building and having pretty much the time of my life is the picture I worked so hard to create. I know, I know its not the greatest but I am quite pleased with myself
I am wearing a couple of Vextra Fashion's  newest releases, "Military" Skinny Pink Pants, 99L and  "Gypsy" Tank Top - Black(99L) with Duh!'s women's sneaker boots, 20L. The adorable cute pointed ears are from Lemon Tea, 175L. The exotic leopard skin tattoos are by Catseye Tattoo "Leopard Print" Reduced Face, 99L. I really love these tattoos. They have a lot of other styles in their store on market place so if your looking for a good quality animal print tattoo, check them out.
The vibrant hair style is Tameless Hair Shena II, Grape, 99L. The skin is by WoW Skins, Diva Milk makeup 3. Eyes are by Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Absinthe Shadow, w3), 99L. The awesome mesh jewelry is by Maxi Gossamer. The necklace is the Jeweled Skull And Heart Necklace Set - Silver And Sapphires 299L and rings are Giselle Black Opal Set, 99L. The Bracelet is by +DV8+, called  Deathrock Candy Bracelet, a past hunt gift. Face Piercings are dl:: DL Face Piercings 04  Selene Edwyn, 50L and Toxxic Ink's Punky Gauges, past hunt gift no longer available.
All in all it's been a good photo day in my books. If you would like to check out my new photo box and use it for yourself, feel free to pop in and use my studio. I do not have everything I own out. Usually only what I am using at the time but there are about 10 boxes out right now you can play on if you want. Tali's Private Studio 

With that I am off to play a bit more, Y'all take care and have a great evening!
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