Tameless are the Devil and Angel

Today I was going through unpacking my object folder when I received a review copy from Tameless of their latest new release, a complete avatar called Liz. 

Tameless Liv includes: skin in 4 tones - light, sunkissed, tan and dark tan, a shape, misty green eyes, prim lashes, partial mesh hair in 4 blonde tones, a mesh dress, spiked shoes, pearl necklace, hoop earrings,spiked bracelets and an AO.
(see the blonde in the pictures below).

All that for a low promo price of 299L, it will go up in price so grab it now. I know what you are thinking...299L for a full avatar..one with mesh too. It's gotta be pretty bad right, no one charges that much for a good full avatar. Well folks, I have to tell you I was just darn right pleased with this avatar. It is rare I find a skin and shape I want to keep to use in future for myself. Lucky for me this is one of those rare gems.
Both of these avatars are the Liv avatar. the only thing different on them is the hair color, dress, shoes and jewelry. The devil is wearing all Tameless, everything is the standard make up of the avatar kit, the skin is the Sun-kissed version. The angel is wearing the light version of the Liv skin, with brown Liv hair. You can get the individual color packs of the hair for 99L, right now.
The delightful seahorse jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer. You can only get the gold version at faMESHed, right now for 399L. The seahorse is color changeable. The earrings and rings are sold separate from the necklace for 199L. The adorable little cocktail dress is from Paris Metro Couture, Warm Paisley Kisses. It is a gift for members of Alex's Santorini Group at Paris Metro Couture in Santorini.
I tried something new with the images by playing with the shadows. I am quite pleased with how they came out. Of course a lot of that is due to some really fun poses I have stuffed in my inventory. In the top picture I used a pose called Kittie by Label Motion. In the second photo I used Label Motion's Lecrerc2 pose, third photo I used Label Motion's Dana pose 1 for the devil and for the angel I used Look@Me gift pose 6 and for the final image I used the Dana pose again only at a different angle. Image background by ~arghus, an independent artist on deviant art.

And that is it for me tonight folks, have a great time finding those freebies and take care!
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