Wine and Dine... An Evening In

Hello All! With the expo over I am a little lost on where to start in my inventory or what to blog first. It's kind of funny how lost you can feel after you complete an intense project like blogging the Home & Garden Expo.  It was quite intense but so very fun at the same time. 
Today I decided  I wanted to share with you this really nice cabinet I received from Que Sera, Sera, 499L. It is 51 prims with decor, 15 with just the furniture and the 4 hanging wineglasses, and is soft linked. the doors are click to open.  It's a really nice piece to spruce up your living space with. It has plenty of details.
The outfit I am wearing is new from B&T Mesh Stuido, the Mesh Top Dress Black Sequin, 199L. The cute Gigi Shimmer Bow Ring is created by Maxi Gossamer 99L, as is the Celtic Cross Necklace, 199L. The lovely mesh hair style, Maycee, is new from Tameless Hair, 99L this week only. Shape is also a creation of Tameless, Liv shape, only available with the full avatar for 299L. The gorgeous skin is from Pink Fuel - Alyx <Hazel>, no longer available. Wings are Entangle by Favole, 60L. Shoes are Duh!  Black Out Men's Sneakers for 20L.  Ears are by Lemon Tea, 175L. Pose is by .evolve.  - adorbs03.

And that's all I wrote. Ya'll take care!

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