Winter Romance....

Poem by Matthew Holloway

The air cold, crisp to the lung
Breath circles skyward bound
Days fall short, shadowed by the night
Nature climbing into hibernation
Trees standing bare, flowers wilt away
A world still beautiful to the eye
Yet emptied of all its colour
Still my heart it does rejoice
Warmed by another’s kind grace
A muse of such beauty to the soul
Playing out this winter romance
Early evening the moon stands proud
Casting its light through windows
The streets line solitary in shadows
There is not a care but for love
But for love there is not a care
All the beauty of a romantic thought
Is shared amongst friends
A winter romance begins
The beauty of the season 

The Winter pose box is from at  Kerebely Free Photo Studio. The Gothic evening gown is a free group gift from Wild Serenity, group is free to join. You can locate it and other great gifts at the front corner of the store. Maxi Gossamer  made the elegant mesh jewelry, Annoushka Black Diamond Necklace Set with Earrings and Rings, 399L.  The lovely short hair  style is Tameless Hair Namoi, Cocoa, 199L . Shape is also a creation of Tameless, Liv shape, only available with the full avatar for 299L. The gorgeous skin is from Pink Fuel - Alyx <Hazel>, no longer available. Wings are Entangle by Favole, 60L.  Eyelashes are a combination of Maxi Gossamer's party lashes - Black Swallow Wings,99L and  Tameless Lashes 22, 99L.

Take care and have a lovely evening, till the next post.
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