Bandana Day

I am so excited! Hair Fair 2012 is just around the corner. This year I got selected to blog it, so I am doubly hyped over it!

As part of the Hair Fair there is a Bandana Day where people all over SL remove their hair and wear Bandanas that were created and donated by SL Residents to show their awaremess of the event and help raise funds. These Bandanas are sold for 50L each and are a lot of fun to collect.

This year I received the Bandana kit to create my own bandana to donate! This is the first time I have created anything an avatar would wear so I had a lot of fun figuring it out.  I have to say my Bandana is probably pretty dorky but I love it... it is fun.. and I like fun! If you would like to make your own Bandana to donate check out the Hair Fair Website for more information. Hurry cause deadline is June 3oth!

Style Card
✪  @MP Bandana Day Bandana (only available at the Hair Fair starting July 29th)
Leri Miles Designs - Shirt, Pants, Bag - Depraved Summer Love Hunt Gift
Tameless Hair - Cocoa Hairbase
{Lemon Tea} Elven Ear
EarthStones Sunny Bangles
[Pink Fuel] Alyx <Hazel>  - WLH - Nice (ltdbrow) (past hunt gift unavailable)
✪  Purple Poses Pose 07

Tootles! Take care!
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