Big Going Ons at Bog Alley!!

Have I got some fun announcements to make today, enough to make all Bog Alley Adventurers bounce in joy.

Announcement 1:. Quest 3: Otis Knows Best is out!

 Late one night the softly whispering call from Shemballa began echoing through the Bog. "Adventurers attend me! Your combined efforts to find the crystals has released forth the power of the Bog;  more land has risen from the watery depths and with this comes the soft pitter of a loss soul. Journey past the waterfall, to the tallest peak in the clouds and you will find the start of your journey"

Prerequisites to the Quest:
✔ Quest 1: The Adventure Begins!
✔ Quest 2: Revealing the Core!
✔ Active membership in Bog Alley Group

Quest Gear needed:
✔ Rope (find at landing)
✔ Adventurer's Belt (in group notices)

Announcement 2:. Gear Up and Get Bogified!

Scattered deep in the watery depths of Bog Alley, unusual shells and seahorses have appeared. Upon touching them lucky adventurers find themselves rewarded with Bog Alley Adventure Wear.

There are over 60 prizes to be had for both males and females. Men get 5 camo shorts, 5 tank tops, 5 stocking caps, sunglasses, and dog tags. Women receive 5 colorful bikinis, 5 sarongs, 5 matching necklaces, earrings, bracelets and sunglasses.

The hunt is 100% free and open to everyone, no group tag needed. Grab your friends and come get your goodies! Grab your camera and snap some shots, a little Bog Creature told me a photo contest is around the corner!

Announcement 3:. Garden Rider Sprite Hunt

 All brave Adventurers have a need to hone their skills, for this you will need bravery, skill, timing and a Butterfly Net --- A Huge One!

This is a small mini-quest to add a little spice to your adventuring, catch a ride on a Garden Rider at Shemballa's Cave. As you take the flight through the starry sky over Bog Alley you glimpse flickering Sprites.

Be quick brave Adventurer and capture them all in your net; there are thirteen amazing little Sprites you can collect and wear!

Sprite Varieties:
✔  Volcano                                ✔ Fruit Punch                 ✔ Satin Slipper
✔ Stalker                                   ✔ Flash                           ✔ Marigold
✔ Deep Dusk                            ✔ Sky Lady                     ✔ Moon Light
✔ Cat's Eye                               ✔ Lava Leap                   ✔ Flutter Orange
✔ Forest Prince

Prerequisites to the Mini-Quest:
✔  Quest 1: The Adventure Begins!
✔  Quest 2: Revealing the Core!
✔  Quest 3: Otis Knows Best! (Just need to start it)

Quest Gear needed:
✔ Rope (find at landing)
✔ Adventurer's Belt (in group notices)
 ✔ Butterfly Net (find at landing)

To get started Join the official group in world:
Cut and Paste the Url in open chat in SL.
*Get the "1000 members up the rope gift" from notifications*

Then Visit Bog Alley Sim: Bog Alley Breedables (49,223,24)

Bog Alley Website
*You will make an account as you do the quest on the site.*

Bog Alley Breedable Home Sim

If you want to know more on Bog Alley check out my previous posts:
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So what are you waiting for! Get going and catch those much going on you don't want to miss out on a minute of it!

Photo Credits:

MEL Style Card
Yasyn - Bangarang - Seal Brown (149L)
Auguste Shape: Masculine - L'esprit (59L)
MS Special Skin MS10 (299L)
Az... Sky Red (30L) 
Focus Poses, Male Set 1 & 3

Tali  Style Card

Riding the Butterfly

Just Because - Tally
Truth Hair: Abagail Caramel
Entangle Wings by Favole

DuckNipple - SLK BMX Outfit- Black
Truth Hair: Felicia - Caramel
Style by Kira - Serenity Skin - Blogger Ed.
Entangle Wings by Favole

Bikini Photo:
Tameless Hair - Sophia - Cocoa
Style by Kira - Serenity Skin - Blogger Ed.
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears
Focus Poses, Set 65
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