::: B@R ::: Petite TongPu

This outfit is ::: B@R ::: Petite TongPu it comes with 2 colors red and pink its sold by BareRose.

Shoes: ThatChick's Petites Jillybean Flats w/HUD

Hair has been modified for petite size. The girl in pink is wearing the original  look but has been shrunk down to petite size. The girl in the red   is the same as the one in pink but I have modified it.
There is a hair at Exxess like the one the girl in red is wearing.


Photo Details:

[Petite Mesh Avatar] 
Fallen Gods Inc.- petite elves full avatars pack 

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  ::: B@R ::: Petite TongPu

[Petite Hair]

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