Calling all Boggers!!

Heads up all Bog Alley Fans, the new quest is just around the corner. A little bog critter whispered to us in chat tonight to start checking Patter's dreams starting tomorrow evening. That means the little one will be telling us of the next quest! Maybe we will finally get to meet her brother Pitter!
The Bog Alley designers opened up the sim for us to explore as they have land expansion built up for the next quest in place. You can only explore to the second top most platform. If you reach the rope on the purple platform that's as far as you can go. Some people have reported not getting past the first rope to the waterfall, if the rope don't show up for you walk around a few moments and it should.

For those too lazy to get out and see the new expansions, I took ya some photos. It looks amazing!
For those who don't know what The Legend of Bog Alley is; it is an interactive adventure. A tale that unfolds over time to reveal the mysteries of Bog Alley, an ancient, magical place, where a community of creatures thrives along the overflowing banks of the Froghorn river.  The characters in our tale have distinct personalities and are inter-related in ways that enhance their abilities... to breed, to play, and even to fight when necessary to keep Bog Alley vibrant and alive.
They each have a story to tell and secrets to reveal. As you discover those secrets, and gain their trust, you will adventure beyond the Froghorn's banks where challenges and quests are waiting in abundance. As you complete these challenges you will be rewarded in many ways; gathering tools, resources, potions and even treasure!

 Your bounty will aid you and your Bogs as the adventure unfolds. But beware, there may be dark times ahead for Bog Alley, and danger lurking for its inhabitants. They will need your help to prepare them for the worst! As you care for them, fulfill their needs, increase their number, and teach them skills, they will be better prepared for the trials ahead.
As your Bogs are growing they will share their dreams with you. If you fulfill them they will be all the happier for it! But while the young may dream of treats and toys, as they grow up they dream of finding a mate and starting a family of their own! You can ignore them and put up with their occasional tantrums, but is hoped that the softhearted amongst you will allow them to fulfill their destiny. A happy and trusting Bog will share their secrets more readily, with those secrets in hand you will be able to breed them more successfully and better meet the challenges that are placed in your path.
Now don't that make you want to go see for yourself? To get started you will need to go to the Bog Alley Sim, find a scroll on the ground and follow the clues contained inside it. Be sure to join the group and get  your copy of the Adventurer Belt. You will need it in future quests!
Also, pick up the group gift, it will look great in your garden. Perfect for that relaxation corner!

Get to Exploring!

Bog Alley Website
*You will make an account as you do the quest on the site.*

Bog Alley Breedable Home Sim

Group Joiner
Cut and Paste the Url in open chat in SL.
*be sure to get the "1000 members up the rope gift" from notifications*

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Take care, see y'all on the other side of the swamp!
~ Taliferrue
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