Petite Princess Fairy

Today  is an outfit by *Solange!* Petite Fiesta Dress - BLUE it come with top/panty, top only, panties only ruffled arm drapes,4 sculpt/flex skirts the skirt are 2 short and 2 long one is sheer and the other is opaque

The stone statue is bog alley group gift  pose not 
part of the statue does come with  2 sit poses

long sculpt/flex skirts

   The Fairy Wings for Petites have a a very diverse texture change menu that opens upon touch.  With 3 different parts to texture change, and at least 10 different textures to chose from per pair you can increase colors or lessen or darken and lighting the parts, the wings are by kia sold at kaiAna store.

 short sculpt/flex skirts

Texture-Chang fairy wings

The slippers are ThatChick's Petites jillybean flats w/hud you can change the color of the gem and the shoes there are 3 texture, 25 tint colors and 22 gem colors to chose from, made by Ana D sold at KaiAna store. The head piece is Petites Whimsical Finery Circlet its with touch texture change it has 3 metal options and 11 gemstones to choose from made by Ana D sold at KaiAna store.

ThatChick's Petites jillybean flatsPetites Whimsical Finery Circlet

Petites Texture-change Precious stone necklace

 The Necklace is Petites Texture-change Precious stone necklace it has a menu that  drops down when you touch it you can choose 9 stone colors and 6 cord colors to choose form and you can lighten or darken the color or add and lessen the tint of the color made by Kia sold at KiaAna stores

Hope you enjoyed this petite peep in to fashion! ~ Lacey

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   /wasabi pills/ Dragon petite mesh hair –blonds pack

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*Solange!* Petite Fiesta Dress - BLUE

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