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 Often times I get asked where did you get those cute shoes…and I go “Well Duh! of course!” Then comes the blank look and a reply that pretty much says they think I am being rude to them.

So today I want to share with you all a really great store that has been around since 2009 and sells primarily shoes but also has a few other items – All really, really cheap!
 Now don’t get me wrong when I say cheap, I do not mean cheap quality; I mean HIGH quality at LOW prices. And everyone loves that don’t they? I know I do!

Renee Harvy, creator and designer for Duh! is a lively enthusiastic learner who loves to laugh and gravitates toward funny people.

She has been a resident of Second Life since 2007. She is a novice sculptor and painter with a strong desire to improve her skills in a number of computer aided design mediums.

In her RL she is a mother of two, and pursuing a certificate program for 3-D modeling. This makes her life extremely busy when she is not in Second Life, but she still finds time to create some amazing items to share with us.

She became fascinated with the idea of uploading textures to make clothing and manipulating prims to build. The ability to translate keyboard commands into objects in space absolutely was amazing and she spent a lot of those early months building goofy things to show her friends. Once she built a multistory genie bottle with living space inside and thinking it was about the best thing, she could ever make (all prims and tinted, shiny textures). A good friend asked her to make her something specific, and when she worked out how to use clothing templates, she realized she could probably translate that into a business.


In February of 2009 Renee rented a small mall space and her business became a reality. The name Duh! came into creation one day during a conversation with someone who sarcastically used the word "duh", and on a whim she decided to use it for the store. In the beginning, the store was all t-shirts. But Renee quickly realizes she wanted to use what she had learned about building and texturing sculpts and prims, and began creating her shoe line.

Hunts were just beginning to take off as a grid-wide phenomenon, and she had the good fortune to be accepted early on into a few large ones (the first Men's themed hunt, for example), that brought traffic to her little corner, and compelled her to improve and grow to meet this potential market.

She keeps her prices deliberately low because she remembers being a new player, with just a few linden in her pocket and a limited knowledge of where to spend them. She remembers clearly the pleasure in discovering new stores from exposure at places like "The Free Dove". She has always seen herself as an entry point for new players, and has continued to keep her items low priced, and simple to use in order to attract newer players. The low price point is probably what Duh! most known for.

Most of her items are priced between 20 - 30L. The quality is better than most people expect for that pricing. People are encouraged to shop for the first time in SL by the low price. She counts herself fortunate that some of the players who came to her store all those years ago as newbies have stuck around to become bloggers and creators in their own right, and continue to support her work as her skill has grown.

Duh! is currently participating in The Accessories Hunt. It's very rare that there isn’t a hunt going on at Duh! While you are there for the hunt items slap the scribo, all group gifts are sent through the subscribo in the store. If you would like to keep up with the Duh! outside of Second Life, check it out on their official website, or Flickr and Plurk.

Duh! Main Store Teleport 

All shoes in this post are under 50L... that is a steal at the quality you get. Go check out Duh! and recommend it to your friends.  Take care!
~ Taliferrue
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