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Today I would like to introduce you to a well kept secret in SL -- Shadow Moon.
Shadow Moon has a wide range of items. Sexy, Grunge, Redneck, Female and Male. Funny Niche clothing, Also offers props and furniture. The store is often involved in monthly hunts. And if you are looking for something special you can send a message the owner, Candy Nizna, she is always happy to do custom work to help you get just that right item you are wanting.

Candy has been a resident of SL for over three years, during that time she has developed her skills as a builder more through necessity than design.

She started out in SL after a stint in another game similar where she built and designed clothes and homes. She  wanted a change and found SL. She loves the people she has met and the inspiration and encouragement she receives.

In her free time she loves to hang out with her friends, she says

"We have gotten so close that we are no
 longer just online friends - we now have deep friendships in real life as well."

For her design inspiration she makes what she would wear in real life - and sometimes she makes things for hunt themes - that is always a welcome challenge.  She builds because she absolutely loves it, but that was not always the case. Being new in SL 3 years ago - it was hard to make L's... so she did what she needed to - If she needed something, she built it since she didn't have the L's to go out and shop for it. Now it's a pleasure. She loves the idea of sharing what she makes.

Shadow Moon has existed for 2 & half years It has grown from a Role-Play market store, to a Gor-Themed role-play store and finally transition to the Store it is today. The name originated from Candy's Native American role-play character's name --Shadow Moon.

In the beginning the store sold sold role-play clothing, 1900's Native American and English Settlers as well as artwork; and now sells Sexy, Grunge, Redneck, Funny Niche Female and Male clothing, furniture, and props.

I was tickled with the items I had to review from Shadow Moon, as Candy does an awesome job on all her designs and makes them very affordable for the average avatar.
One of the many great props created by  Shadow Moon is this awesome Cosmetics Prop. You can get it from the The Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt - May 30 - June 13, look for a champagne bottle, 1L. It comes with10 poses. Mel above is not on a pose - he just likes to lurk around watching me. The detailing on the prop is amazing and if you are wearing a face light the mirror will reflect the light back at you - it can create some pretty neat effects that way.
Mel and I both are wearing the Gothic Spring outfits for couples from the Gothic in Spring Hunt - May 16 - June 16, 1L. Both are high detailed mesh and come in several sizes to get just the right fit. The Men's outfit comes with shirt, pants, boots, and spiked wrist belts. The Women's outfit comes with boots, dress, and necklace. Both outfits come with the skull I am holding, which is animated.
Shadow Moon has three locations and offers a monthly group gifts as well as freebie bags in the store. If you would like to keep up with Shadow Moon and all the great builds, freebies and hunt items join the in world group by cutting and pasting the following Url in your chat window. It's free to join.

Or if you would like to keep an eye on the official blog it's here.

Taxis to all Locations:
~Shadow Moon~ Main Store (Hunt Items Here)
~Shadow Moon~ @ Comanche Nation 
~Shadow Moon~ Backyard

Currently Candy is working incorporating mesh into her line up of awesome creations and encouraging her two friends to build, Cupcake Clothing by Maggie Fanbridge  and Kimba's Boutique by Kimba Lockjaw, which have their stores linked to hers. You should go by and check out their stores and check out the great items they are churning out.

I thought I would share a bit of each of the stores that are owned by Candy's friends. In the first photo I am wearing an outfit from  Kimba's Boutique . It is a top and pants. I really loved the little hearts on the pants. In the second picture Mel and I are wearing the "Get the Noob Hunt" prize from  Cupcake Clothing . It has come really cute apples on the shirts, though Mel didn't like the orange shoes - lol not manly enough for him but he a good sport and wears what I want  him to for our pictures.  I thought they were cute matching mine. 

The hair is the latest release from Tameless Hair, Pearl, 99L this week only. I love this hair, it has little wisps that flow about as you move and the headband is color change The necklace, earrings and ring are all from the Roho collection by Maxi Gossamer. They are also color change so you can wear them and match them up with any outfit you wanted to wear them with.  Poses are by Frozen Panty Poses. Skin is Style by Kira Serenity Skins Tone 2 & 3, it is an exclusive to the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase which will run from May 25 - June 10.

That's all I have to share tonight, be sure to go check out all the neat items Candy has created over the years. I had a ton of fun writing up this post and loved the experiences at all her locations. I met some great people and got some awesome photos to boot!

 I gotta get to bed so y'all take care till the next post!
~ Taliferrue
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