Itty Bitty Hunt Goodies

June 1st - 30th
Cost: Free
Start: Rook Poses
Length: 26 stores

I have been looking out for a petite hunt ever since I got my petite avatar, so I was thrilled when I saw this one coming up.  All the items in this hunt are sized for petite mesh avatars and the hunt theme is the Quest for the Holy Grail, so lots of King Arthur style and Medieval items.

The hunt group is the Itty Bitty Hunt Info Hub:
Paste SLurl into local chat to find group info.

~ Serraphena

07. Chywe's
18. Gullivers Crossing
02. Deviance

08. Demotik
19. Sister Fate
24. Roses Petite Garden

12. Petite Elemental Jewelery
20. HunnieDews
25. FL Designs Pixie's
22. Petits Tresors - with colour change HUD
26. Alli & Ali Designs - 2 styles in 11 colours each

05. Roawenwood 
10. PRIME - with single, couple and adult poses
16. Prim & Pixel Petites
09. Bedizen & b - with texture change menus

15. Tinkers

01. Rook Poses
17. Morrigans Closet
23. Dragon Magick Wares 
21. A TadBit Tiny R Us
03. .::Shattered Souls::.

13. The Stringer Mausoleum - scripted and unscripted versions
04. KaiAna
14. Sweet Bites
11. Heartistic Petites
06. Thingies & Co. 

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