Soft Pattering of Dreams

If you have been following my Bog Alley posts you may have seen references to following the dreams of Patter. What exactly are these dreams I am speaking of and who is this Patter?

Patter is one of the Pitter Patter twins, she is sleeping right now but her dreams give hints of things to come. If you tickle her cute twitching paws, she will share with you what she is dreaming about at that moment. If you quickly click her dream you can find out more information. Just check your public chat.

Dream one introduces us to the Legend of Bog Alley by Patter dreaming of a book. Clicking on the dream reveals:

Patter welcomes you to her World of Bog Alley Breedables. Dreams - mystery and adventures abound. Make new creature friends and together explore the Legend of Bog Alley. Hurry - the adventure awaits!
Bog Alley Breedables (49,223,24)

Dream two beckoned in the second quest where we need to unlock an ancient secret to the runes. Clicking this dream will reveal:

Patter: There is something afoot in Bog Alley... We need your help to reveal the core of the ancient runes! My vision reveals what you must seek - but first you must find the Scroll of the Lost Seas! Be quick - The Adventure Begins!
Bog Alley Breedables (51,221,24)

The latest dream to appear heralds the third quest where it is rumored we get to meet up with Pitter, Patter's twin brother.

Patter dreams that Otis knows best!
Bog Alley Breedables (51,221,24)

Over time each of the Bog Creatures will reveal their secrets to you unfolding a story of quests and adventures. These quests are made for you to assist your Bog friends in helping the achieve the things they want from life as well as you.  A lot of the quests can be done alone but others will require you to make friends and journey as a group.

You will receive special equipment along the way. Keep it safe, for it will ensure the speedy completion of your quests and bring you riches in many forms.

To get started Join the official group in world:
Cut and Paste the Url in open chat in SL.
*Get the "1000 members up the rope gift" from notifications*

Then Visit Bog Alley Sim:  Bog Alley Breedables (49,223,24)

Bog Alley Website
*You will make an account as you do the quest on the site.*

Bog Alley Breedable Home Sim

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See you on the banks of the Froghorn!
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