Dulce Secrets Flirty 4th Hunt!

I love it when the little birdies come by whistling wonderful tunes of great hunts going on, don't you?  I found out that Dulce Secrets is having a fun 4th of July hunt. There are   33 red, white or blue stars hidden inside the store, throughout the gardens of Dulce Secrets and The Retreat, as well as the photo studio. I enjoyed exploring while I found my stars, there are tons of great places to sneak a snapshot to add to your sl album. Hunt costs nothing that's right FREE!!! Ends July 7th so you better get a moving!

Hunt Gifts:

01. AlichiaBordeaux
02. AlichiaChampagne
03. Alichia Kahlua
04. Alichia Malibu
05. Alichia Rye
06. Alichia Sangria

07-18.   Colorful Eyes 01-12

19-26. Glitter Make up 1-8

27. Asyiah Tequila
28. Asyiah Zinfadel
29. Dvorah Bitter
30. Mansi Malibu
31. Pixx Bordeaux
32. Sixx Bordeaux
33. Trixx Bordeaux

Hunt Hints to help you on your way!

1- On the Desk
2 - How eccentric are you?  Enough to be a Fashioncentric?
3 - Hidden by pottery as butterflies fly hear the sound of water as it falls.
4 - Extra cushions for the swing.
5 - A seat for you and your friends take a rest before you search for more.
6 - If the curtain is drawn knock before grabbing your star.
7 - Amongst the $1L bags.
8 - That's not a troll under those stairs.
9 - Nyree is keeping her eye on the stars.
10 - Vroom, Vroom, Beep, Beep
11 - Dancing near the edge, nestled in a corner.
12 - With that special someone cuddle on the dock.
13 - Stars shine down with their own light.
14 - A birds eye view of the dance floor.
15 - Underneath an arbor of roses you will find your star.
16 - Dancing is so romantic especially when it's with someone special.
17 - Stairs lead up to a secret hide-a-way
18 - Hidden in a cave
19 - Secreted above the world, nestled between two mountains.
20 - Emerging into The Retreat
21 - Come sit on the dock and waste the time away.
22 - Row, row, row the boat
23 - Roses are red, star is blue, sit with your love and enjoy the view.
24 - A bed within a garden
25 - Make a wish, find a star
26 - Park benches make a lovely place to view the falls.
27 - Champagne brunches by the sea
28 - Sit with friends by the fireside

29 - Time to plant a garden
30 - Seats of triangles are so chic
31 - Balls of silver, wall of light
32 - Corners might be where you can find cobwebs but today it's where the stars can be found.
33 - Sit here to go back to where you couldn't find the other stars.

If you liked this hunt, there's another hunt starting when this one ends on July 7th!  The Greatest Summer Lovin' Hunt.  There will be over 60 stores in the hun so it will be a long one celebrating beaches, summer, romance, love or anything inspired by Summer Lovin', See the official blog for more details or join the in world group by pasting the following in your chat in game:

Be sure to check out all the great sales at The Retreat when your there, its all 50L or less! Good Luck and take care!
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