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The other day I found myself a victim of a failed teleport home.Normally when that occurs I just hit my teleport button and zip on home but this time my finger was halted by a a question that popped upin public chat between two women I landed on

 "omg.. those are cute nails where did you get those at? I never can find a good set of nails." I paused because I always like to find out good places to shop and I do have an affection for awesome accessories. The reply was "at Moondance", 

I smiled at that answer and popped on home cause I am already a fan of Moondance Boutique and often use their designs to augment my own outfits. 

"Feather French Medium"

Moondance Boutique has always amazed me with the plethora of styles and designs they offer. I always felt that many nail designers were more jewelry designers than nails because of the massive rings and bracelets that come attached to the nails. I understand that due to the lack of multi-attachment points in the past this was just the way it was done but I felt that the nails were overshadowed and lost in mounds of jewelry.


"Lilacs At Midnight"

So when I first started searching for a good nail designer I wanted one that had a lot of unique nail designs that come in several sizes, since in my blogging my shape changes often to suit the picture I am trying to create. So when I got my first pair of nails from Moondance Boutique in the Fashioncentric hunt, I was ecstatic- they were just what i was looking for perfect color and shape - so cute and several sizes to boot.

"Symphony Polonaise"

 Kathrin Dassin is the designer and owner of Moondance Boutique. As a resident of SL for over six years, she is a former dancer, and DJ and now spends most of her time hanging out, role-playing, dancing, and playing around in Photoshop; pursuing what she loves most design & photography.

Since her dancing career she always wanted to try her hand at designing, even tried to make her own outfits, a set of silks, but they did not match the quality she wanted and quickly found their way to the trash bin. She got started in designing nails through a job as the manager of nail salon.

"Neon Swirls"

In November 2011, Moondance Boutique was born growing to house prim nails ranging from simple textures to intricate 3d nails; made for all acrylic nail lovers both for women and men. Kathrin's nail designs are based on designs people are wearing in real life, along with a splash of her imagination. She also will do custom work for clients if it is requested and they have something specific they want. Currently Kathrin is working on several new releases, including designs for Petites, as they should have a perfect manicure as well as regular avatars.

"Small Gothic Lolita"

If you would like to try out Moondance Boutique's awesome style but don't have the L's right now you are in luck! Moondance participates in a lot of hunts currently they are in A Midsummer Nights Dream 3 June 21st – July 21st

Or if you'd love a steal of a deal on some awesome quality nails check out the items Moondance has at the Designer Circle featuring some some amazingly cute designs.

"Saffron Swirl"

You can also check out Moondance Boutique on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28534291@N03/

In world group: secondlife:///app/group/1eee75d6-70f9-8217-ca5f-8d570deb40d8/about.

"Extra Short Metallic Red"

Once the Subscribe-o-matic hits 50 subscribers, group gifts will start being sent out. Remember Subscrib-o's do not take a group space so what are you waiting for hop over and hit that board for great news on Moondance Boutique and free group gifts!

Hope you like Moondance as much as I do! Take care!
~Taliferrue Cathaldus
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