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Let me first state for the record...I can not cook in real life. Well...maybe I can cook, but I do not and  the last thing I want to do in my second life is cook either.

 That is till Amera Pomilio, the owner of Le Bistro Interactive Foods asked me to review her food products.

Food products, you say?

Yes, food...food that you can cook and share with your friends and family in second life.

Skeptical, you say?

 Yea, I was...food in second life? Food that cooks..is that even possible...and what fun could there be in that? You can't taste it, or eat it.

So I took my skeptical cook hating self over to Le Bistro and picked out two items:  California Sushi Rolls & Spring Rolls Dinner and a  Bake-A-Birthday Cake Milk Choco Icing Yellow Cake; both items I love in real life.

Then I called Mel and Serra up inviting them over to my sky box for dinner, both were very skeptical about me cooking them dinner and desert.

(Serra laughed and said "You cooking...really!"  and Mel asked why I would want to poison him.)

So now I was on a mission...true my cooking might kill Mel in real life but in Second Life I was going to succeed. I was going to cook!!

Tali Makes Sushi!

I was very glad to see easy to understand instructions in the package for my food -- Just like in real life, I need ...need badly... step-by-step recipes. 

Step 1) Rez your pots and pans on your stove, place cutting board on table and tray on counter.
Check! Got that done safely...with minor chuckling from Serra and Mel.
Step 2) Click on the pan to cook your Spring rolls. 
Click! Spring rolls cooking..so far so good.
Step 3) Click Cooking Board to start creating the California Roll.
Excellent, I always wanted to know how they did this!
Step 4) Roll the California Roll and Cut up, place over on display for dispensing.
Ohs, such perfect little circles I have made..wouldn't know it's my first time making these!
Step 5) Click the vase to receive plates ...dig in!
Ha! Got Mel to eat Sushi finally...he always swore he would never touch the stuff!

Tali Bakes a Cake!

So Mel and Serra made it through Sushi, no food poisoning and they are ready to try out some delicious cake. I am feeling confident, I can do this... I can bake a cake! Grabs the handy detailed recipe card.
Step 1) Set out all your supplies, equip mixing bowl and mixer. Click mixer to start mixing.
Easy enough...can't cut your fingers off with a mixer can you?
Step 2) Click mixing bowl to pour mix into cake pans.
Yay..no spillage!
Step 3) Place in your oven to cook.
This works with any kitchen by the way. If you have no oven, it will cook on the counter. 
Step 4) Remove from oven, Click the right baked pan to place bottom layer on cake pedestal.
Yay, got it out with out cracking it, I always crack it in real life!
Step 5) Click the frosting , frost first layer, click second layer in pan to place on pedestral. Click frosting to finish frosting it like a pro!
Yay...no lumps..I think I am getting the hang of this cooking thing.
Step 6) Add decorations, and light candles.
Ohs! I did it..a perfect birthday cake!
Step 7) Blow out the candles, remove decorations and dig in!
Mhmmm...perfects! Share with all your friends!

So in conclusion of my baking adventure....

I am no longer a skeptic, you can cook in second life, it is fun and in fact I highly recommend you go pick up yourself a meal or two to make with your friends.  You can reset the meals and use them over and over and over, endless meals and goodies. They have a wide range of foods from cakes and cookies, to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus several full holiday meals. Check out their official site for pictures of those - they look great! I am thinking I may pick one up for Thanksgiving this year to have a meal with Mel and Serra. The store is really fun to visit, there was a lot of interactive displays for you to play on and food to eat, of course. I was really tickled with the packaging on the items I brought home. They were packaged in a grocery bag full of food stuff. I am definitely keep that for future picture props.

Cost? Each meal I got for this post cost 800L each. It's a little steep for the Linden pinchers but totally worth it when you think of the time spent creating the meal by the designer. The quailty of textures and detailing are awesome. I think they are totally worth every linden spent. If you join the in world group (secondlife:///app/group/219f0d0a-3bc8-8eb2-9a0f-5ba5b33a91b8/about [cut and paste that in open chat]) you receive 5% off.

I had a blast spending time with Mel and Serra, joking and goofing around  as I cooked -- just like it would have been  in real life. So do yourself a favor... invest in the quality time with your loved ones by investing in a few meals.

Take care and happy cooking

Photo Credits:

Miamai_ Yanne Brunettes (200L)
Paris METRO Couture: Red Alert Spandex Dress (200L)
Apponos Aprons  (80L)
✪ .:Glamorize: Metallic Nails (Red) (5L, 50L fatpack)
Lazuri - Classic Pearl Stud Earring (0L, marketplace)
Maxi Gossamer - Ring - Gigi Shimmer Bow - (99L)
Grumble - Pearl Necklace White (50L)
Mimi's Boutique Holiday Gift Shoes (past holiday gift)
✪ [Pink Fuel] Alyx <Hazel> - WLH - Nice (past hunt gift)
{Lemon Tea} Elven Ear Plain (175L)
ANNA SHAPES -Raissa Model (modified for skirt) (800L)
✪  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Bleached Brown M (150L)

✪ Kaerri Odense Kitchen (under 1000L)

%Percent's 70's Retro Skybox - Vintage Fair for 250L

✪ D.Luxx minimalist 03 & The wedding collection Middleton 03

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