Peek @ %Percent's Vintage Fair Goodies

I wanted to take a little break today from the hair fair and clothes to show you this retro 70's sky-box I was sent for review.

I have to say I liked it enough that I replaced my current sky-box with it.  It is created by %Percent for the Vintage Fair coming up on August 3rd. The Vintage fair is not a charity event and is solely created to showcase the amazing talents of over 250 designers. You can find the skybox   from  %Percent's  at the Vintage Fair for 250L.

The Skybox comes in a rez box and detailed set-up instructions (with extra-detailed instructions for beginners.) It's around 40 prims PRE-setup, and 24 after. The door clicks open/closed, and shadows/highlights are included in the textures. It's modifiable mainly so the owners can change the window textures/brightness to suit their needs.

I also wanted to show you these neat Mason Jars they sent me. I tried to take a decent picture of them but sadly I was unable to get one that showed them as they looked. They come in three colors - clear, blue, green / three sizes - short, thin, tall / and two versions of each - lid on, lid off. I only put one vendor picture up to give you an idea of how they look.  I loved them and added them into my house to give it a little personality.  They are a little primie weighing in at 5 prims each but I figured they were worth it and I had extra prims to spare for appearances.

With that being said, I am off to finish up on the Hair Fair now. I think I have maybe 3 more hairs to show you all.

Take care.
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