Petite Style #071312

Today I have for you a cute little black jumper and skirt  that you can wear 2 ways; one with a white under shirt or with out.

The little black Heart necklace is called petite musical locket.
It plays the opening to unchained melody, You can add your own picture.

The hair is A&A viggo that you can get in the hunt
Itty Bitty Hunters - Quest for the holy grail

The shoes are texture change and tintable petite wedge sandals. It comes with a skin and nail HUD.
You can change the color of the gem, wood ,leather ,metal and the border on the leather plus you can darken or lighten add and lessen the color.s 

Hope you enjoyed this petite peep in to fashion! ~ Lacey

Photo Details:

[Petite Mesh Avatar] 
Fallen Gods Inc.- petite elves full avatars pack

[Petite Hair] 
 A&A  hair

[Petite outfits ] 
black jumper and skirt

[Petite Accessories] 
petite musical locket

[Petite Shoes]

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