Petite Style #071512

 Today we have 4 outfits from Carriage Trade Miniature
the outfits come in 3 sizes .3Mini,.4Mini, petite

@CT@ Ha Cha Cha

 Wasabi pills/dragon petite Mesh Hair
ThatChick's Petites Gemmed belt&Necklace 
ThatChick's Petites Jillybean Flats w/HUD

@CT@ Bohemian Rhapsody-Green

Petite Slouch Boots-Brown by Demotik
EMO-tions Janet black

@CT@ Frippery - Purple

hair is @ct@ Tuesday golden brown it was July 9 calendar hair

@CT@ Ellipse -Wine

Hair:@ct@ Tuesday golden brown
         July 9 calendar hair
 Petite Sized- Sinful  Heel-Silver by Demotik

Hope you enjoyed this petite peep in to fashion! ~ Lacey
Avatar can be bought at Fallen Gods Inc

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