Petites Grecian Maiden Black

I had so much fun with this outfit there are so many ways to wear the Petites Grecian Maiden outfit.
It comes with 1 full dress, 3 skirts, 3 layer shirts, 3 sculpted tops, waist sash, 2 ivy belts, shoulder sashes, 2 wreaths and sandals with skin HUD, plus 2 pasties one with ribbons and one without

gemmed Necklace and belt sold separately

The Petites Grecian Maiden also comes in white, blue and lavender

Hope you enjoyed this petite peep in to fashion! ~ Lacey

Photo Details:

[Petite Mesh Avatar] 
Fallen Gods Inc.- petite elves full avatars pack

[Petite Hair] 
   /wasabi pills/ orian petite mesh hair –blonds pack

[Petite outfits ] 
Petites Grecian Maiden

[Petite Accessories] 
Gemmed belt & necklace set w/hud

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