Faun Around

I loved the skirt from Tameless' New Tatianna Avatar, so much that I decided to add it to my Faun's wardrobe, but when I went to put on my cloven hooves and tail... I discovered SL ate it...all my fauns stuff. After a little time cursing and screaming and being a little pissed off I began shopping for a new faun outfit. It wasn't very easy so many choices, so many styles... and so not the one I fell in love with originally and SL ate! [>.<]

After hours of searching I found  ::!K&L!:: Clothing & Accessories. K&L had several complete Fawns, Kitties, Vixen  and even a couple  Bunnies avatars all reasonably priced. I selected "Nyxxie", a really cute little fawn outfit, that comes with three different skins and an outfit you can wear in different styles. It is a complete avatar so you get all that is pictured for 200L. So if you have your eye out for a new avatar, I would recommend going to K&L, they have several more attractive deals.

So using "Nyxxie", as my base I began recreating my lost faun.From the "Nyxxie" outfit I kept the cute ears, tail, legs, tops, and necklace. The hair is by [LeLutka] - CHERYL hair - Harvard (280L) . My shape is a modified version of ANNA SHAPES - Raissa, (800L). The skin is by Pink Fuel Alyx <Honey>. The cute little wings are Favole Entangle *version 3 (60L). The gorgeous golden sunrise eyes are by IKON, They were the free VIP gift for August. The skirt, eyelashes, bracelets and belly ring are from Tameless' New Female Avatar - Tatiana (379L). My only regret is that you can not see the cute little hooves peeking out from the skirt in this photo.

Poses used are by Focus Poses 
- Photo 1 - Pin-Up Set 3_4, & Model Set 91_1, 91_2, 91_3, 91_4 
- Photo 2 - Model Set 96_1, 96_3, 96_6 
Model Set 96 available at the Mainstore or on Marketplace

Take care till the next post :)
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