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Hey Everyone, I wanted to share with you some great non-clothing finds to be had during this weeks MIDweek MADness Sale. If you have not heard of it before, it is a new sales group that has  3 GREAT days of SALES! It starts Tuesday 1:00am SLT and runs till Thursday.  All Sale items at 1/2 off or more of the orginal price in the store. To find out more information Join the in world group: by pasting the following into your public chat in game: 

Elegance by Elysa has this decadent Venetian Sitting Room on sale for 325L, it is normally  650L. I loved the deep red and gold of this furniture set. It would go so well in a Vampires lair. It is only 30prims total, which surprised me, as most furniture sets that look this good tend to be prim heavy.

And for all those super sized kitty cats (Nekos) Elegance by Elysa   has this lush Neko Playground w/swing, on sale for 250L, normally its 500L. It comes with a set of dishes too.
I really enjoyed the two items Pillow and Things had discounted. The Cape Cod  Hope Chest is 9prims and costs 75L, normally 150L. The Cape Cod  Hope Chest has such character you can't go wrong adding it to your beach house. It is also 9 prim and is on sale for 75L, normally 175L.
The next item is a must have for vampire clans. It is amazing. I was in awe when I rezzed Syrenz Shadowz's Vampire Ritual Skybox. The detailing on this skybox is great, it is guaranteed to set the mood for your vampire rituals. It is a total of 174prims but can be de-primed down if needed and fits a 50x50 lot. It's a steal at 340L, normally  680L.
And the last item I want to share with you today, is for those who want to design clothing. JSF designs has marked down a set of Rockabilly Clothing Templates. The template for the guys rockabilly clothing (shirt & pant) is 125L from 250L and the girl's skirt template cost 75L from 150L.
So if you were wanting to try your hand at clothing design, this might be a fun way to go. That's all I have today from the MIDweek MADness. 

Y'all take care!

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