Mouth Accessories Hunt

The Mouth Accessories Hunt runs till August 31st. It canvases 14 stores. Hunt items are free to finders. You are looking for  a purple sculpted



STORE 01. Anymore
GIFT:  Cute Coffee Mouth Accessory
HINT:   Coffee?

STORE 02. *Rivendell*
GIFT:  I caught a Seahorse Mouth Accessory
HINT:   Whisper to the Rabbit…

STORE 03. Sweet’s Treats
GIFT:  Lollipop Mouthie
HINT:   I like shells in my bucket.

STORE 05. FreakyDesign
GIFT:  Nerdy Panda Mouthie
HINT:   Upside down lollipops are the best!

STORE 06. Grumble
GIFT:  Sucker Mouthie
HINT:   Big spinning pin wheels make me dizzy.

STORE 07. Khargo
GIFT:  Chocolate Frogs
HINT: Full of Beans!

STORE 09. Odd Dele
GIFT:  Tunes <3 Casset Mouthie
HINT:  Those pesky tentacles!! D:<

STORE 10. ~Arsenic & Old Lace~
GIFT:  Sweet Treats Tophat
HINT:   Go upstairs

STORE 12. Brandy’s Boutique
GIFT:  Maple Leaf Mouthie
HINT:  Look for logo of store.

STORE 13. Sweet & Slutty
GIFT:  Dice in Mouth
HINT:   Peep show.

STORE 14. .:Evilkyoot:. Designs
GIFT:  Choklit Milk in yer Mouf
HINT:   All day long, suckah!

STORE 15. Jade’s Creations
GIFT:  Paint Set Mouthie
HINT:   Get lucky with the cupcake.

Till the next hunt, take care!
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