Appearance is everything

Today I got notice that Apparence Skins revamped their store and placed out a a new group gift, LILOU Fair. Apparence VIP is free to join. While there I wandered over to Punky Chicks and picked up this really cute Zelma Dress for 220L. It comes in 6 vibrant colors.

In the picture I am wearing Apparence's skin and Punky Chicks' dress. To complete the outfit I am wearing Exile's Break Away:Swiss hair (200L); Glamorize's Metallic Nails in Sky (5L, 50L Fatpack); Maxi Gossamer's Beatrice earrings, necklace (299L) and Miriam bangle (199L); {Lemon Tea} Elf Ears Plain (175L); *ANNA SHAPES* - Kira shape (800L) and IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel (150L). 

A side note
: The entire IKON Utopia line of eyes is 50% Off!  That's L$150 marked down to $L75.  3 days only, from Friday 21st 9pm SLT to Monday 24th 9pm SLT.  There are a few new Kaleido eyes out, too, including Glacier (light blue-aqua), Field (soft yellow-green & rust), Legion (brown & gold), and Chasm (deep muted hazel)!

I used WetCat's "Perfect Red" Runway Prop to create the background for my image. The runway is a sneak preview I was given to review. It is the hunt gift for the Runway Perfect Hunt, which starts Oct 1. The curtained box is a creation of mine, it does not come with the runway. If you are interested in a copy of the box send me a note card. I am happy to share. WetCat is always involved in hunts and sales,so if your a pose junkie like I am be sure to visit them regular to get some high quality awesome gifts.

Take care till the next great find!

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