[CIRCA] Living

[CIRCA] Living announced some awesome deals this evening. Well worth a visit to check out. I  had fun also exploring the sim picking up some awesome group gifts and hunt gifts.

New This Week: Sound City - Studio Build in Ocean

The new collection of art studios have an aquatic earthy vibe for you to enjoy. [CIRCA] Living   focused on a summer palette with artists in mind who like detail and fresh colours.  Included in the furnishings is a paint easel with unfinished paintings for you to use your brush with, paints, food display and a few other items to match.  These sets come in 3 colors , Aqua, Terracotta, & Sun.

A. [CIRCA] - Sound City - Studio Build in Ocean (3750L)
     View it in-world here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aurora%20Vale/185/90/1502
      Design Details
           ~ Sliding doors on touch, artful acoustic wall panels,
           ~ Surrounding tall windows, cantilevered front windows,
            ~ Loft level with stairs.
     Size 22m x 22m footprint
      Prims 44
B. [CIRCA] - "Ocean Pacific - Living Set in Aqua (1850L)
C. [CIRCA] - "Ocean Pacific" - Artist Set in Aqua (1350L)
D. [CIRCA] - "Ocean Pacific" - Aqua Wall Shelf (250L)
E. [CIRCA] - Plant Stand & Table Set (475L)

Group Gift: 
As a bonus  [CIRCA] Living  is giving away a violet version of the Studio Build.  They loved the build so much they are giving it away free to their VIP members in celebration of their 5th year anniversary within SL.  Join [CIRCA] Living or C&D Designs and look under history.  There is a fee to join but well worth it for what is  offered in group gifts & group discounts.


Poster info and hints are at the  store entrance

Royal Living - Back to School Hunt

This is a great Hunt gift set!  It has been created Royal Living's "Back to School" hunt.  You get everything seen in the pic.  Items are $45 in this hunt from each designer.  Stock up on supplies and have fun this fall.  Ends September 22nd.

 Finding FabFree Hunt

This modern number was created for the 5th anniversary of FabFree which is running the Finding FabFree Hunt in celebration of it's milestone.  Each item in this hunt is free!  Ends September 30th.

Four Walls Hunt

This 4 piece set created for the Four Walls Hunt.  The feathered pieces have a colour menu and the lights turn off/on with touch.  Hunt items are $10 in this hunt but well worth the little tag.  Ends September 15th.

Fairest of Them All Hunt

There are 2 prizes in this hunt to find.  For each prize, you receive a fantasy tree with matching swing that moves on touch.  Hunt items are $5 in this hunt from each designer.  Ends September 15th.

Take care y'all!
~ Taliferrue

*all info taken off notecards sent in game.

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