Fairest of them all

Today I was out looking for a few little things to spruce up my skybox when I hopped over to [CIRCA]. If you have never visted them you should they have a large selection of wonderful home furnishings ranging from Retro to modern. It's rare I don't find something there I want.

I stumbled upon  the Fairest of Them All Hunt gift, which is a really cool Tree swing set. There are two gifts once with  a red tree and one with a white tree in it. They only cost 5L each. So if you are looking for a really romantic looking tree to add to your garden I would hop over and snag it while you can!

The Fairest of Them All Hunt runs until September 15th, there are around 40 stores with some awesome prizes. If you want some great items from some amazing designers this would be one to do.

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