Feature Store: Femme Fatale, Inc.

Today while chasing down the hunt items for the Autumn Effect hunt, (September 15 to October 15th), I found this great little store called Femme Fatale, Inc. It only has a few outfits out currently but I think it shows  great potential for awesome future releases. The prices are reasonable. I couldn't resist picking up a few things to share with you.

First up is a really cute anchor necklace that comes in three lengths. It's the free store gift. I am wearing a new hair by Tameless, called Tiana, 179L. The lovely skin is Lilou T3, 700L.   It is the lastest release by Apparence Skins & Shapes. It is available in 7 skin tones and 8 make ups. Elven Ears are by {Lemon Tea} (175L). The eyes are IKON's September group gift, Kaleido Eyes - Night. The top is by Estravaganza, part of the  A day in the sun outfit.

Next item I want to share are these really cute beaded sandals. I love these sandals! I have been searching for a great pair of sandals for a long time. I picked up a pair of them for a reasonable price of 250L. Femme Fatale, Inc. offers these sandals in 7 colors. I only wish they sold them in a fat pack, I would buy them all then.

Then I have the awesome  mesh tank top and mesh sweat pants to share. They are the free Autumn Effect Hunt gift. Hunt hint is "Anchors Away". Poses are part of the Fitball By Kraft, 30L on Marketplace.

 I am still wearing the Lilou skin by Lilou by Apparence Skins & Shapes. Only I wore the base skin this time and added Glamorize's That's Her Make up Combo 3, 10L.Pose by Focus Poses, Model Set 82_2.

Lastly I couldn't resist buying this awesome dress, Brown Aztec. This dress comes in several prints and colors. It was very affordable and frankly a steal at 100L.  Pose by Focus Poses, Runway Set 3, available at Fr*Fridays for 55L.

The adorable pink Candy Love Heart necklace, 25L, new from Maxi Gossamer.  There are 12 colors you can collect. It is only available at the Arcade Gocha Event; a special event featuring unique gachas from over 65 of the grid's top content creators. Pose by Focus Poses Model 94_6.

Take care until the next great deal!

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