Feature Store: Skin Within

Today I wanted to do a quick feature on Skin Within, an amazing skin shop. Skin Within brings you original new and exotic skins from across the  world through an international selections. Affordably priced, these skins are wearable art.

Ayesha Bisiani has been a resident to Second Life since 2006. She loves creating, trying her hand at just about everything in Second Life, but finds herself drawn to skins over and over again. She describes herself as a fun loving, creative, witty designer prone to artistic tantrums that loves looking new and different in-world locations and marveling in the creativity that went into the builds and designs

Her design style could be called unconventional. She considers there are no rules. She get a "feel" of what the skin needs as she works on it. There is no Body generation 1 or Body generation 2 which she repeats and eventually upgrades. Every skin from start to finish is created by scratch and unique.

Her store Skin Within has been open since 2007, featuring amazing female skins, eyes and tattoos, and a few other products like shoes and sculpted eyelashes.

Follow her updates and news:

Or visit her in-world and join the subscib-o-matic

I love the varitey offered by Skin Within, If you are in the market for a new look becsure to drop in and see what they have to offer.

Till next time, take care!

✪  SkinWithin Aisha NoMakeup skins
✪ Discord Designs - Devlyn Gracile
✪  *Felicity* Harlow Stilettos - Brown Platform Heels (Midweek Madness Sale 175L)
✪  Luziefee - Bridget red - (Midweek Madness Sale 60L)
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Angelika (100L @ the LIMITED BAZAAR)
Focus Poses Sexy Pouf
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