Home & Garden Sim Grand Opening

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the new Home & Garden Sim yesterday. I had a lot of fun exploring the sim. It is a really pretty sim, plenty of opportunities for great photos. To celebrate the grand opening they have a little sale area set aside for each store to offer something at reduced prices. I didn't discover that area till I was almost done with my pictures for this post so I am not featuring that stuff, but it has some pretty nifty must have items. Also many of the stores have free grand opening items. Be sure to stop in this weekend to gather up some great new items for your home!

 I decided in my exploring I would find one item at each of the twelve stores on the sim to feature, giving you a sampling of what they offer. So with out further fuss, I give you my favorite pieces from the twelve great designers on the Home & Garden Sim:


Sway's Artist - 400L

%Percent Furniture & Lighting 

Chelsea Library - 300L

Thaino Designs 

Kate Shabby Blue Dining Table Set - 100L

Spargel & Shine Homs

Shabby White Dining Set - 450L
LD Wicker Dinner Set - 150L

Marmalade Jam 

Noelle Lounge Set 150L

Lustre Designs

LD Aquarium 250L

Haunted Trees Set - 199L

Creations Kitchen

Dinner Salads - 0L grand opening gift

Beach Street

Give Thanks Display 100L

Shabby Tabby

Garden Daybed Set - 350L

Nic Naks

Autumn Days - 99L

Hope you enjoyed! Take care till the next great find!
~ Taliferrue
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