Prism Furniture Main Store Has Moved!

Hello Everyone!

Thought I would give you a big heads up  that Prism Furniture's Main store has moved to a new location. The new layout is amazing, be sure to hop over and check it out. To celebrate the move Prism Furniture is having a sale where everything in the store will be 50% off. The sale runs from Sunday to Wednesday. So, make sure you come and visit the new location and get some bargains at the same time.

Prism Furniture offers a wide array of products that help create a warm and welcoming feel to your living and working spaces. Things for all: Living Rooms Sets, Bedroom Room Sets, Outdoor and Gardens, Fountains, Nick Knacks, Photo Frames, Lamps, Fireplace

While I was there checking out the new digs I picked up the current hunt items to share with y'all

The Twisted Hunt - Fall Darkness - OL - Sept 1st-30th ( I loved this hunt gift. These trees have so much character. It has some great sits in it.

Four Walls Hunt - Sept 1st - 15th - 10L - ( - Raspberry Cream

Serendipity Hunt - Sept 1st-30th - 1L- (

While there I hit the scribo and picked up the current sales notecard. There are some great items up for grabs this weekend.

Fifty Five Linden Thursdays:
The 55L Thursday items are still available at Prism Furniture through MONDAY! 



60 L Weekends:



Super Sales Weekend:



While you're there, join the VIP group in world for updates, hunts and specials along with free exclusive group gifts. If you don't have room for the VIP group, consider joining the subscribe-o-matic to stay updated without the free gifts!

Y'all have a great evening :)
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