Something pretty and alot of great deals!

Just a pretty photo I wanted to share but since I have your attention here are some great deals I have been told about this week via notecards:

Maxi Gossamer has some really amazing exclusive new jewellery sets at special prices for the  September Collabor88. Maxi makes wonderful mesh jewellery that fits any avatar's budget. The following pieces are a steal at just 88L each.

Also the Barcelona necklace set will only be available exclusively at the FaMESHed event. Earring Set is 199L and the Necklace Set is 299L.

The other great deals I found to share are part of the MIDweek MADness sale. This sale runs only 3 days before the merchandise gets switched out for a new line up. It runs from  Tuesday 1:00am SLT- Thursday. This is a great way to get awesome clothing, home decor and builds for up to 1/2 regular pricing.

MIDweek Sale Price: L450
Reg Price: L199
Syrenz Shadowz

MIDweek Sale Price: L175
Reg Price: L355

MIDweek Sale Price: L$250
Reg Price: L$695

MIDweek Sale Price: L$100
Reg Price: L 200L

MIDweek Sale Price: L99
Reg Price: L299

MIDweek Sale Price:99L
Reg Price: 200L

MIDweek Sale Price: L100
Reg Price: L250

MIDweek Sale Price: L70
Reg Price: L300

MIDweek Sale Price: L200
Reg Price: L400

MIDweek Sale Price: L99
Reg Price: L199 &: L249

These are just a few of my favorites there are many more designers taking part in the MIDweek MADness sale. You can get the full list by pasting the following url (secondlife:///app/group/74c59354-52a9-7722-c7f5-bc76bd9b923e/about ) in your public chat in game and join the free inworld update group. The full list is in the notices of the group.

Till the next great find, take care!
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