Steal of a Deal

I'm really tired to night so I am going to just share some great deals I found interesting that floated across my screen tonight.

Wild Serenity

Wild Serenity placed two dresses back out for free because of belated blogging (*looks a bit guilty*), but this means you have a chance to get them if you haven't already!

While your there check out the Secret Wednesday Sale where you can get Lucky in red or black for 49L. That's a steal! And last but not least, join the group (it's free) to pick up the awesome Mystic Nights in Royal Purple, the September Group Gift.


::WetCat:: Creations has placed out their group gift, it's an adorable couple pose called Breeze. The group is free to join. Also for a limited time an exclusive for the Truth District you can get a fun couple pose for 99L - Busted. I love this pose. WeCat does some really fun couple poses.

Focus Poses

Focus Poses has several specially priced pose sets at sales. You can get the following pose sets cheap!

Okay off to bed for me, y'all take care!

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