So I decided to go visit [Jp] dsg to see what they had new this month, when my camera decided to go all wonky on me. Ugh right... usually it annoys the hell out of me but today it was a happy occourance cause I saw a pretty site indeed. [Jp] dsg is building a new main store. I couldn't resist... I hopped down to check out the awesome bridges I peeked from over head. They were great! So as after I wrote them down in my list of places to visit again for photo spots I was over come with mischievousness and broke out my new focus gun prop to shoot a few photos. Then I went a little crazy with the windsettings. And the end result:


Style Card:
✪ *Tentacio* Rawr dress (60L @ 60 Mesh Ateller)
Apparence Skins & Shapes * APS* SKIN SOLANGE T3 Pure Base (99L @ SyS Project)
[NikitaFride] Tears Makeup - Gift
Maxi Gossamer Barcelona Necklace (299L @ FaMESHed)
Maxi Gossamer Rings & Bracelet (199L @ FaMESHed)
✪ Maxi Gossamer Fleur De Lis - Skull - Glass (199L)
✪ Tali 7 (M) v.07.05.12 (No Ears) Modified version of Raissa by ANNA SHAPES (800L)
IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel (150L)
{Lemon Tea} Elven Ear Plain (175L)
Beautiful Dirty Rich - Rinoa Hair Black (220L)
Favole Entangle *version 3 (60L)


Photo 1 - Focus Poses: Gun Poses 2
Photo 2 - AO movement
Photo 3 - Focus Poses: Model Set 102_2
Photo 4 - Focus Poses:  Model Set 101_5
Photo 5 - AO movement
Photo 6 - Focus Poses: Model Set 102_4
Photo 7 - Focus Poses:  Model Set 101_5
Photo 8 - Focus Poses: Model Set 101_1
Photo 9 - Focus Poses:  Model Set 93_2

I think number 7 and 2 are my favorites. Take care!
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