Time to decorate for Autumn!

Prism Furniture has announced a new release this week and I thought I would give you a sneak peek of it. It's just in time for your renovation of your home to a fall look! This amazing sitting area is perfect for offering your visitors a nice place to sit and relax on their shopping journeys or just as a great place for you and your loved one to spend a chilly autumn night chatting together under a beautifully autumn colored gazebo. The gazebo is 22 prims and costs 750L.

I really loved the little side table in the center of the adorable display set. The eyes of the pumpkins glow in the late afternoon shadows. The side table is 24prims and costs 200L. The  Lantern is 4 prims andcomes separate for 150L.
The chairs are decorated with pretty throw pillows. It comes with 7 sits. It is 17 prims and costs 350L.
To accent the delightful setting you can pick up this charming  butter churn for 150L. It is 2 prims.

While your at Prism Furniture take a few minutes to pick up the most current hunt items and take a look around the new store. Prism offers a wide array of products that help create a warm and welcoming feel to your living and working spaces. There is something for everyone -- Living Rooms Sets, Bedroom Room Sets, Outdoor and Gardens, Fountains, Nick Knacks, Photo Frames, Lamps, Fireplaces.

The Twisted Hunt - Fall Darkness - OL - Sept 30th (http://twistedhunt.com/).
Serendipity Hunt - Sept 1st-30th - 1L- (serendipitydesignssl.wordpress.com)
Till the next great find.
Y'all take care!
~ Taliferrue
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