A bit of peace and love, please

I am working as fast as I can to get all the Autumn Effect goodies I have posted today so that you might have chance at getting them. This month just got away from me. The hunt is officially over tomorrow.

I wanted to share this outfit with you. Its a great little mini skirt and top number by by FATAL for the Autumn Effect Hunt. Both items are mesh and in several sizes for the perfect fit.

The skin is by Shiva, also a TAE gift.  The lush mesh hair is by Wasabi Pills, Sybille 2, in wild honey. Eyes are IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel, 150L. The shape  is a modified version of Raissa by Anna Shapes, 800L. The poses used in the second outfit set are by Focus Poses, Model Poses 81 # 2, Model Set 79 #4 and Model Set 71 #1. Focus pose sets cost between 80-100L.

The pretty hot pink  cross knuckle ring is from a new store on the grid called Jadeys Jewelry. Its a small shop but shows quite a bit of promise. The ring consists of a cross across your knuckles and a thumb ring in matching colors. The rings are 55L each. If you join the group in world, you can get the light pink cross knuckle ring as a group gift for breast cancer awareness month.

Nails are - Quintessencia - Nail SPBH Model Square l. They were part of the he Swimming Pool Blues Hunt but you can still pick them up in world on the past hunt shelf in the shop for 5L (i think).
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