All Hallows Nightmare at Allusions

Tis the season of spooks and y'all are probably looking for that perfect Halloween costume. Heck maybe two or three of them, knowing how many halloween parties we like to have in second life. So I figured I would share them as I find them in my goodies I pick up along my freebie hunting trail.

The first costume of the season I am going to share with you is the All Hallows Nightmare Pumpkin Head Costume by Allusions. I found this the other day when Mel and I stopped in to pick up the men's jeans fat pack (which btw is a steal at 50L, I'll blog them a little later).

The All Hallows Nightmare Costume is the gift item for the Trick or Treat Trail Hunt running till November 1st. The hunt is free. The gift is meant for men and women as some of the items are unisex. The hint  is "The eyes peer from beneath. Be careful where you step". You are looking for a pumpkin with a crow on top of it.

Happy Hunting and besure to pick up the freebies and cheepies on the shelf in the main room.

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