Featured Store: Lustre Designs

Since it is a new month, I hopped over to the Home and Garden Market sim to see what new goodies the designers have put out for their monthly sale on home and garden builds and furnishings. This sale is great almost all the items are 10L and the designers on the Home and Garden Market sim always have top quality designs. After snooping around the sale a bit I decided to hop over to  Lustre Design to check out their halloween designs and see if there was anything I couldn't live without.

If you have never been to Lustre Designs, you should hop over and give it a once over. They have been in SL for about a year and half, they feature a huge selection of furnishings like living rooms  kitchens, dining rooms  bedrooms, knick knacks, paintings,  outdoor gardening, fountains, kids playgrounds and more.

Lustre Designs is owned and operated by one of the most friendliest people you will ever meet in second life - Honey Lustre.  Honey has been a resident in Second Life for over six years. She spends most of her time building, creating and making friends.

Her dedication to her friends and her store shined through when she rented a sim to keep designers together that were at another sim and it was being dumped by the owner.  So she scrambled with the help of  her designer friend Heavenly and created a homey country feel with 12 designers on the new Home and Garden Market sim.

Honey  realized she wanted to be a builder when she made her first  3 prim bar and thought it was amazing, she still has it. She says it reminds her of her roots.

Her style is very eclectic and it shows in all the neat furnishings she has in her store.  It's very hard for her to concentrate on one style as she gets her inspiration from RL stores, internet and magazines. It always depends on her moods. Honey works very hard to give you a very high quality product at an affordable price. It's a great match for those who want great style and want spend very little lindens for it.

For those freebie and hunt lovers out there Lustre Design is always participating in hunts. Some of the more recent hunts have been the Depraved Hunt and FIFH, and they will be in about 5 more by the end of this year. If you join  Lustre Designs Group It costs nothing  and you can get free monthly group gifts.

This month is this great living room set:. To join her group paste the following key [2c013880-23e9-bfb2-56c4-a30862f81538] into your public chat in game and click on the link. You can pick up the furniture set up in the front of her store, be sure to have your tag active. The free sofa set was totally worth the trip!

I am off for the night, y'all take care!
~ Taliferrue

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