Flawless Harvest Cart Sale & Hunt Finds

I have a some more great finds to share with you from The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale. The sale runs till November 7th. Each designer has at least one exclusive item on their cart and one hunt item hidden in a jack-o-lantern.

Cysleek has an adorable mesh skull mini dress on sale at  The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale. It's the exclusive item so its only L$50! It comes in all standard sizes.  The rigged mesh hair is by esk-imo, called Insanity. It's a new release for this month, available for L$299 a color pack. The pose used is by Focus Poses, Model Set 107-1. You can pick up this pose set up at the Boho Fair till the end of the month for L$80.

The lovely skin I am wearing is by NVious by GG. It is the free hunt gift for The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale. I used Diamond Styles Halloween Orange Lipstick, to give it a burst of color. The lipstick is another free hunt gift from The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale Hunt. I included how the skin looks with out the lipstick (see below), its a quite pretty base skin. I prefer base style skins because I can add makeup layers, it makes it so much easier to mix it up for a style/look I am going for. So I usually squeel when I get a find like this skin. The lovely starts rain butterfly Tattoo is on sale at the  The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale for L$60 by Phoebe ~Piercings & more.

All the lovely assessories are also from the  The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale by Phoebe ~Piercings & more. Phoebe always has an awesome collection of piercings. I am wearing several sets of face piercings along with a necklace, and anklets. First the center lip piercing with the diamond under it is the Diamonds Facial Piercing in silver. It has a menu for 9 gem colors and can be worn with or with out the shadows. Its one of three exclusive items for L$50. The nose piercing is another of the exclusives L$50 items. It has a menu with  8 gem colors and can be worn with or with out the shadows. The piercings on the outer part of the lips is from the Face Piercing Series M3, black and silver set, L$80. The bad girl dog tags are on sale for L$90. The beautiful Sunrise bleached blue eyes are by IKON.

You can also find the leather anklets at the The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale by Phoebe ~Piercings & more for L$60. The sexy mesh chloe stilettos are the exclusive item for The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale by Lindy. They come with a very easy to use resizer and color change hud for the skin and nails. The quality on these shoes is amazing, well worth the L$50.

And the final items from  The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale I want to share with you this post is the this fiery red furniture collection from OLtre... Creations. The fatpack for this collection is L$350. You get what is pictured along with several more pieces. OLtre... Creation's exclusive item includes the red couch, picture and rug all for L$50. Each of the seats have multiple animations. This is a steal for this price.
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