Halloween Formal

Now if you are like me, you have been invited to a dozen Halloween Balls and for that you need a spooktacular gown.  Cilian'gel has just the gown you need, Got a Web? It comes in a full length and short length version (see below).

The group gifts can be found in the past notices of the group. Cilian'gel's group does have a small L$50 joining fee but it's worth it considering the quality of gifts you recieve each month. Also once you join you can visit the Formal Boutique in the winter Village of Durango to pick up alot of other wonderful free outfits. The sexy mesh chloe stilettos are the exclusive item for The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale by Lindy for L$50.

The wild black Isabelle hair is by Tameless, L$179. My skin is the lovely Olivia Skin, it is a free hunt item from Style by Kira for the Flawless Harvest Cart Sale & Hunt. The poses used in my photos are by Focus Poses, 104-7, 107-1105-3. You can pick them up for L$80 a set.
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