i always wanted to visit paris.....

Well I meant to get this out yesterday but life seems to be jammed packed with little surprises for me lately. It's time to share some nice finds from the MIDweek MADness sale that runs from Tuesday to Thursday.

The first items up for this week's Midweek Madness finds is this cute outfit by Luziefee "Candy Meow". It comes with a mesh top, layer shorts and mesh boots. You can pick it up on sale for L$89, after Thursday it's back to it regular price of L$200.

The Paris Glasses in silver is an exclusive item from Luckie Clothing Store only available at The Black Market for L$100. The hat/hair combo is from [elikatira] Claim - Brown 08, 250L. The hat is color change, so you can make it match just about any outfit you want. The Laia necklace comes with matching earrings; it is by Phoebe ~Piercings & more~. It is another great exclusive item created for The Black Market and is L$100.

The black widow collection, knuckle ring and bracelets, are from  Jadeys Jewelry. The set is L$100 on sale for Halloween. If you want just the cross ring, they are also sold separately, tons of colors,  L$45  for this month only. Regular price for set is 125L and rings 55L. My shape is a modified version of Raissa by Anna Shapes, 800L. My skin is a sneak peek by Apparence Skins & Shapes Celine, it is the gift item for the womenstuff hunt. The womenstuff hunt will start November 1.  Poses used were from  the Runway Perfect Hunt. They were the gift from PicMe Poses. They are store 42 in the run up, I totally recommend getting these poses (such a pose addict, I am).
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