It all started with a green lounger...

So tonight I was playing with a new seat I got from, I think, Port Haifa Gorean Market. I signed up a long time ago on their scribo and get sent random things a lot. If you are looking for some great freebies I recommend giving them a visit and slapping their scribo. They also have a great freebie section for all kinds of things gorean along with gifts scattered all over their market in barrels. Anyway as I was messing with it, I got some great pictures so I figured I would share them and give you a run down of my outfits as always *grins* never miss a blogging opportunity. 

 Lets see, let's start with my shoes, after all the shoes are what makes or breaks a look quiet often. My sleek shoes come from Felicity. They are one of the two pairs (grey & brown) of  the Irina Stilettos you can pick up at half price, 175L,  for the MIDweek MADness sale, which runs till Thursday. While you are there join her group for for a small fee and pick up all the awesome free group gifts (at least 10 pairs of free shoes girls!). She just put out a new pair to celebrate the 4000th member in her group. I'll blog those at a later date *winks*. 

Oh! Major deal alert for the guys! The jeans Mel are wearing are from a really awesome fat pack of jeans you can pick up at Allusions for 50L. I think I counted 23 pairs of jeans in the package. On top of so many colors you get 3 cuff choices. These jeans are highly detailed. I would expect no less from Allusions. I think I have bought all their women's trousers, well pretty close to all of them. Anyway while there, be sure to pick up the freebie jeans and other goodies that are set out for you. I love Allusions and recommend joining their group. It's free unless there is a group gift in the notices then its only 10L. Totally worth it.

The matching mesh tops we are wearing are by Earth's Bangles & other Creations. I love these shirts.  I think this is the first tank top I have not had to talk Mel into. I blame the saying on it. You can see better details in these two photos of the shirts. They say "Touch Me, I'm Interactive". Just makes me giggle. They are a major steal by the way at 1L for the first 100 peeps who pop in to pick them up. I am not sure how much they are once the 100 are bought. They come in 5 sizes and with an alpha layer. While at the store you can pick up a free hunt items if you feel like searching around for them.

The gorgeous skin I am wearing in all these pictures is also another awesome deal you can get during the Midweek Sale. It is by Tori's Stylez. The Dru Skin pac comes with 4 skin tones, 3 shapes, 3 eyes,  lash & lip tattoos and 3 eyebrows. You can get a nice mix look using what is in the pac. The Midweek sale price is 399L, regularly 899L.

The handcuff necklace and earrings are available at the Collabor88 for 88L. They are mesh from Maxi Gossamer. Maxi makes some really awesome jewelry. She has two other sets of jewelry on sale at the Collabor88 sale; a set of leather studded bracelets and a necklace set with lips and lipsticks on them. I am not doing them justice describing them..sec let me do a picture real quick.

Okay there we go, The Romona 77 Leather Studded Bangles for 88L and the Juicy Love Lips for 188L. The great thing about Maxi's Jewelry other than its awesome quality is that she always gives you different lengths in the necklaces and even the bangles are separate so you can mix and match to create your own look.

The flowy hair is the latest release from Tameless Hair called Felicity. It is partial mesh. It costs 179L on the marketplace. I always buy my Tameless hairs there cause you get a 10% discount shopping on the shop there.

The final look I want to share with you is the mesh top from  [Iren], My Favorite Pullover- Kosmos. It is available at the Black Market for 100L. The black open button pants are by Sakide. You can pick them up at The Black Market for 40L. The black Cowgirl Boots with fringe are by Cerri's Booty. They are the MIDWeek MADness Sale item, 50L, regularly 99L.

The pose used in the pink picture is from Focus Poses, Model 67-4. Mel's are from his ao. All other poses are using the PHP seat.

Whoo.. this post is longer than I thought it would be. I think I am going to call it a night. Y'all take care and happy shopping!
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