Kickin' it Country Style

Tonight I was digging through my review stuffs when I cam across this cute little patchwork dress by [QE] Designs. I thought it was a wonderful dress to share. I know it's definitely going into my keep folder. It is on sale for L$40 at The Black Market till Oct 14th. I paired it with yellow ocher tights by  C'est la vie !, another item on sale for L$40 at The Black Market. If you do not like the yellow tights C'est la vie! has several other colors to choose from on sale.

The boots are Miel Dandy Boots-flor. I love...LOVE.. these boots. I picked them up on one of my wanderings last week, they cost L$420. The detailing is amazing. The shape I am wearing is a modified version of Raissa by Anna Shapes, 800L. The cowboy hat and hair is by [elikatira] Claim - Brown 08. The pose is part of the Casual Girl 3 Set, pose 1, by  Focus Poses. It is also on sale at the The Black Market for L$40.

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