PRISM Furniture: Newness & Gifts

One of my favorite places to get props for my photos is PRISM furniture. They always have a nice selection at an affordable price and they are always involved in tons of hunts so that means -- free stuff!

 While there today hunting down the hunt goodies before they are gone for the month, I noticed that there are two new furniture sets out, thought I would share them with you as I personally love the Flanagan set.

The Flanagan set is actually a huge collection that you can buy bits and pieces to add to your already purchased items to give it a new look. There is a huge selection of small accessory items like vases, clocks, picture frames, plants and books. You can see them all in better detail on PRISM's website.

The piece I loved the most is the lounger, it was the 60L Weekend sale item this past weekend... *laughs* wouldn't you know I would miss it.  PRISM always post pictures of their sale items on their website so that is an excellent place to keep up with what is on sale. I am going to have to start reading it more.

The second latest release by PRISM is the Starry Night set. It is a smaller and more modern set than the Flanagan set. The blue is deep and comforting. I really liked the accent lamp. The upholstery pattern reminds me of my furniture in rl.

And now onto the hunt gifts. Most of these hunts are ending soon, so do not procrastinate if you want one of these items.

Prism Furniture Pumpkin Surprise Stool
Trick or Treat Hunt - free - Oct 15th - Nov 15th
Hunt Item: Broom with Skull

Prism Furniture Indian Summer Chair Petite
SLUBTSP - Free - Glowing Orb

Prism Furniture Fall Evenings
Bewitched - 1L - Oct 1st - Oct 31
Hunt Item: Broom
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