Runway Beauties

If you are looking for a gown that will make you go WOW, then this one is for  you and best of all its free! This gorgeous gown is by LIV-Glam for the Prettiest in Formal Hunt. The hunt runs until the end of the month, The dress is called the TI Silk Gown in Emerald. If you join the subscriber you can get the dress in red too!

Another awesome Prettiest in Formal Hunt gift is from Luziefee. It is a beautifully aquitaine dress, that is split up one leg. It is a shimmering and sexy number if I ever saw one.

In both outfits I am wearing the cute elven ears are by Lemon Tea , L$175. T The lovely  hair is by [elikatira] Fight Brown 08. My eyes are IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel. The skin is by Apparence Skins & Shapes, called Sophie, it is Apparence's exclusive for the Sys Project. It is only L$99. The shape is Jezebel by Anna Shapes. The lovely shoes are called "Jessica". They are from Felicity for L$355. I love the little ruffle around the ankle. A little known secret about Felicity shoes, if you join her inworld group (30L) you can get access to over 10 free sets of high quality shoes. There is a faded red and gold version of these shoes free to group members too.

I used WetCat's "Perfect Red" Runway Prop to create the background for my image. The runway is the hunt gift for the Runway Perfect Hunt, which ends at the end of the month. The curtained box is a creation of mine, it does not come with the runway. In the last photo I used  Focus Poses, Model Set 82 # 7 along with WetCat's runway.  Focus pose sets cost between L$80-L$100.
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