Runway Perfect Hunt: Purple Moon

It's drawing near closing time for picking up the the Runway Perfect Hunt 3 items.  In this post I want to share PurpleMoon's Trinity Dress in Black and Yellow. It is mesh and comes in several sizes for the perfect fit. The runway perfect hunt ends on the 31st. By the way PurpleMoon recently remodeled and moved, besure to use the latest landmark in this post to go there.

The matching hat is a past Historical Hair Hunt gift from ChiChickie. I went by their store to see if they had a version of it out but did not find one. I did notice they have a free hair out as a gift on the counter, along with tons of great deals down stairs in the discount department, totally worth a visit. The jewelry accessories are Tres Beau's Runway Perfect Hunt gift  called "Petale". It comes with a ring, bracelet, earrings and necklace. You can see a close up of it here.

My skin is the lovely Olivia Skin with purple make up, is the free hunt gift from Style by Kira for the Flawless Harvest Cart Sale & Hunt. You can also pick up three more skin versions of Olivia as the exclusives for the sale at L$50 each. The shape I am wearing is Angel by Anna Shapes. I am wearing the Model version. When you purchase the Angel Shape you get it in model, normal and small. It is a special price at L$500 at the Flawless Harvest Cart Sale & Hunt.

The pose used in my photos is by Focus Poses, Model Sets 71-4. You can pick up the full set of seven poses up for L$80.
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