Sale Alert!

This announcement caught my eye in my note cards this morning as I shifted through them drinking my coffee. I figured if some of my readers are looking for some unique furnishing, builds or landscaping items they may want to visit Syrenz Shadows for this sale.

EVERYTHING on the entire sim is 50%off!
Plants, Gorean, Gothic, Beach, Off-Sims, Shapes,
Waterfalls, Furniture, Prefabs! 
Even all the Halloween items! 
ALL WEEKEND! @ Syrenz Shadowz!

Spooky Tree with rotating fire skull - 7 prim - 40L

Gothic Palace - 187 prims - 420L 
Extras: Dragon Statues, Hands with fire, grim reaper and Ankh.

Gothic Spirit Trees - 16 prim - 65L

Dragon & Skull Table Set - Table 18prms - Chair 3prims - 105L.

Off-Sim Waterfall Tall 23prim - 60x38 - 75L

Island Cabana - 54prim - 15x30 -  137L

Shipwreck off Sim - 12 prim - 68x44- 99L

Rock Ruins Cascade - 33prims - 16x13 - 87L

Waterfall Oasis - 40x30 - 225L

Gorean Cave Refuge - 39prim - 23x30 - 112L

This was just a glimpse of the items up for sale at  Syrenz Shadowz  that caught my eye during my wandering of the sim. There is so much more I couldn't even begin to photograph it all. If you got a little time I recommend to hop in with some friends and spend a bit of time wandering and take in the atmosphere and see all the great things Syrenz Shadowz has to offer.

Till the next great sale, Ya'll take care!

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