sometimes an angel don't need no wings...

Won't be so easy, This time to hurt me 

You can try, and this time, 

oh baby, there are no tears left here to dry

Here is a pretty gown that I stumbled upon during the Runway hunt. It's a free group gift from InMonster. When I went back to confirm it was still there the store seemed to be gone. So I am not providing a landmark for this find, but I made the pictures and figured I should at least share them for the other designers in it.

The shape is Jezebel by Anna Shapes. The skin in called  "Jezebel Bloody" by Apparence Skins & Shapes. It is an exclusive for the Sys Project  for 99L. The hair is by [elikatira] Carmel Hair, 200L and my eyes are IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel, 150L. The poses used are part of  Focus Poses', Model Set 73.
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