Sultry VicE

Its time for the great Midweek Madness Sale. The sale runs once a week from Tuesday 1am SLT to Thursday. This week there are some awesome items up for sale. The following sultry dress is one of the items sent to me to review for the sale.

This smexy number is by one of my favorite shops to get gowns, VicE. I really enjoy seeing what they will release next.  The "Chestnut Teal" gown can be worn with the flowy skirts or w/o as a pant outfit. It is mod/copy. The Midweek Sale price is 60L, regularly 190L.

The gorgeous skin I am wearing is also another awesome deal you can get during the Midweek Sale. It is by Tori's Stylez. The Dru Skin pac comes with 4 skin tones, 3 shapes, lash & lip tattoos and 3 eyebrows. You can get a nice mix look using what is in the pac. The Midweek sale price is 399L, regularly 899L.

The flowy hair is the latest release from Tameless Hair called Felicity. It is partial mesh. It costs 179L on the marketplace. I always buy my Tameless hairs there cause you get a 10% discount shopping on the shop there.

The lovely pose I am using is part of the Pin-Up 3 set by Focus Poses. It is pose number 2 in the set. Photo location is in my house.

 There are a lot of designers participating in the MIDweek MADness Sale. You can get the full list by pasting the following url (secondlife:///app/group/74c59354-52a9-7722-c7f5-bc76bd9b923e/about ) in your public chat in game and join the free inworld update group. The full list is in the notices of the group.

Take care I am off to find more goodies in my inventory to blog about.
~ Taliferrue

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