superstar freebie deal

A friend was good enough to slip me a tip on these two free elegant mesh dresses. I picked them up out front at the entrance of Afro Japan. The Pretty up-do hair is by [elikatira] Parade - Black 04, 200L. The hair band is color changeable  The elven ears are by Lemon Tea , L$175. The mesh Jewelled Owl necklace is by Maxi Gossamer and costs L$99. The nails are by Quintessencia - Nail SPBH Model Square l. They were part of the he Swimming Pool Blues Hunt but you can still pick them up in world on the past hunt shelf in the shop for L$5. My skin is by Apparence Skins & Shapes, called Sophie, it is Apparence's exclusive for the Sys Project. It is only L$99. My shape is Jezebel by Anna Shapes.  My eyes are IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel.

I used WetCat's "Perfect Red" Runway Prop to create the background for my image. The runway is the hunt gift for the Runway Perfect Hunt, which ends at the end of the month. The curtained box is a creation of mine, it does not come with the runway. In the last photo I used  Focus Poses, Model Sets 74, pose 3 and Model Set 80 pose 6 along with WetCat's runway.  Focus pose sets cost between L$80-L$100.
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